Shlokas Made Fun

The only course that makes
learning Sanskrit shlokas a ton of fun!

“Shlokas Made Fun” is a unique online learning experience designed to make a whole new generation of kids fall in love with their cultural heritage.

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Can shlokas really be fun?

Sanskrit shlokas are nuggets of ancient wisdom — beautiful and timeless.

The old school way of teaching shlokas is to have kids memorize the lines and then parrot them back.

How do you think today's kids like that?

You guessed it… they find it instantly boring, uncool, and tune out.

So, back to Coco Melon then?

No no… wait! There's a better way.

A journey so fun and engaging that children fall in utter love with mantras and their essence!


Join 5000+ kids and parents and rediscover the beauty of Sanskrit shlokas.

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5 thoughtfully designed modules

Five modules themed around gods and goddesses from Indian mythology.

30+ high-quality videos

10 interactive shloka audios

5 beautiful art sheets

30+ task sheets

Fun quizzes

Each module has shlokas, along with fascinating stories, fun activities, and beautiful art projects based on Indian folk art.

  • Ganesha The remover of all obstacles


    • Ganesha shlokas
    • The story of the ever-hungry Ganesha
    • Super Brain Yoga
    • Making fire-free modaks
    • Making your own little clay Ganesha
    • Art inspired by Bhil tribal art-form
  • Krishna The playful and wise murlidhara


    • Krishna shlokas
    • The story of the wrestling match
    • Balance competition
    • Making kolam
    • Raas leela: Let's dance
    • Art inspired by the Warli art-form
  • Saraswati The devi of art and knowledge


    • Saraswati shlokas
    • The story of the magical somras
    • Making lemon juice to understand Vedas
    • Memory improving yoga asanas
    • Learning swaras with the Veena
    • Art inspired by the Tanjore art-form
  • Shiva The innocent yet fierce neelkantha


    • Shiva shlokas
    • The story of Banasura's 1000 hands
    • Navarasas: The nine emotions
    • How to be saatvik like Shiva
    • Making Shiva's instrument: The Damru
    • Art inspired by the Madhubani art-form
  • Hanuman The symbol of strength and devotion


    • Hanuman shlokas
    • The story of Hanuman's devotion
    • Pavanputra pranaayaams
    • The game of five senses
    • Making a Rama Setu diorama
    • Art inspired by the Gond art-form

A course platform that's a joy to use

We've crafted a course platform to make your learning experience delightfully seamless.

High-quality videos

Playful graphics, vibrant colors, crisp audio, delivered by expert instructors who know how to hold your child's attention.

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New feature Interactive audio

Listen to each word of every shloka clearly pronounced. Read as you listen, in English or Sanskrit!

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How to use the shloka player

Press the play button to start listening.

Press the or A button to change language.

Press the question button to show meaning.

Tap on any word to listen to it again.

Printables & Quizzes

Each module comes with a set of beautiful PDFs to print out and add to your very own Shloka journal.

The art sheets are inspired from Indian folk art forms — Bhil, Warli, Tanjore, Madhubani and Gond.

At the end of each module, you get to challenge yourself with fun quizzes about what you've learnt!

Friendly interface

Content is thoughtfully organized and easily navigable. Learn on any device — desktop, tablet or mobile. For learning in the evenings, you can switch to dark mode to reduce eye strain.

Priya and Varsha, the instructors for the Shlokas Made Fun online course.
Priya and Varsha, the instructors for the Shlokas Made Fun online course.

Lifetime acccess!

Every child learns differently. When you buy the course you can access it forever. You can go through it at your own pace.

Any future updates we make to the course will also be automatically available to you for free.

Ready to begin your Shloka journey?

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We are constantly amazed
by the impact of the course!

Over 5000 kids and their parents have experienced “Shlokas Made Fun.” Here is some of what they have to say.

Ancient wisdom not taught in schools!

My son absolutely loved it! Priya and Varsha have turned something that might seem complicated and boring for kids into a super fun and engaging experience. I'm thrilled to have found this. Our kids deserve to learn about our ancient wisdom, which unfortunately is not taught in schools.

Hemali, Kabir's mother , from Singapore

The stories even got me hooked!

Intricate stuff made super engaging! I wasn't sure how my daughter would like it, and to my surprise, she absolutely fell in love with the content. Priya and Varsha's delivery left her wanting more. She now recites the Shlokas every day. The best part are the stories, which even got me hooked.

Priyanka, Riddhi's mother , from India

Screen time well spent!

Dharaa remained glued to the screen throughout the course. She has learnt important values like honesty, caring for others, and being there for friends through shlokas. Everything was simple to follow yet super fascinating! As a parent I feel that this was screen time well spent.

Neha, Dharaa's mother , from India

She feels proud to be Indian!

Neha has always been curious about Indian culture. This course made her feel proud to be Indian. She still chants the shlokas she learned months ago and asks interesting questions about our Gods and Goddesses. We are exploring the answers together. Would highly recommend this course to all parents!

Jayashree, Neha's mother , from Australia

A modern appraoch to ancient traditions!

Your creative use of games and stories to explain the shloka and make it relevant was excellent. You've brought a part of our culture into their lives, even though we live outside of India. The modernized approach made it interesting while keeping its essence intact.

Surabhi Seth, Vihaan and Dhriti's mother , from Singapore

A perfect blend of laughter and learning!

Before the course, Rishi used to recite the shlokas with me like a chore, but now there's a noticeable change in his energy. This learning experience is unique with its incorporation of stories and activities. There's a perfect blend of laughter and learning throughout.

Richa, Rishi's Mother , from Australia

Great company on long journeys!

Nyra enjoyed the stories and the love and enthusiasm with which they were narrated. The beautiful depiction of the shlokas with hand gestures linked to classical Indian dance made the shlokas enjoyable and easy to recollect. The modules keep us great company when we travel long distances.

Surabhi, Nyra's Mother , from India

Meet your instructors

Your guides have years of experience interacting with kids of all ages.

Priya and Varsha, the instructors for the Shlokas Made Fun online course.

Priya Subramanian is the founder of Little Desi and the creator of The Little Shloka Book which has sold many thousand copies worldwide. Priya crafts creative content full of humour. She is our superstar storyteller with a background in Indian classical dance. She has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids across India for over a decade.

Varsha Manish is an emotional intelligence coach. She is gifted with the unique ability to gamify any life skill. She is a breath-work and meditation trainer with the Art of Living Organization.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

How is this course different from other shloka courses?
Most shloka courses are often too complex for kids to understand and enjoy and are designed for adults.
This course is designed specifically for kids. It is fun, engaging, and easy to follow. It is also the only course that teaches shlokas through mudras, along with fascinating stories, fun activities, and beautiful art projects.
Won't this course add to my child's screen time?
Let's face it, screen time is inevitable. Sometimes it equates to peacetime for the parents!
Instead of spending hours on just video games and cartoons, we're giving you a meaningful alternative. The videos in the course are super fun, often with interesting tasks, and make for excellent family bonding time! The printable task sheets will further ensure kids are kept busy creatively off-screen.
Why can't I just learn and teach shlokas from Google or YouTube?
You can try, but it will be a very fragmented experience. You will have to search for shlokas and stories separately, and invent your own activities. You will also have to sift through a lot of content that is not suitable for kids.
We have designed "Shlokas Made Fun" to be a complete learning experience. Also, it is not just about learning shlokas. It is a safe space for learning about our culture and heritage in a way that is relevant to kids today.
What age group is this course for?
The course is designed for kids aged 5 to 12. However, we have had kids as young as 3 and as old as 15 go through the course and enjoy it thoroughly.
For younger kids, we recommend that parents go through the course with them. We have had many parents tell us that they enjoyed the course as much as their kids did!
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course is designed to be completed in about 3 months. However, you can go through it at your own pace.
You have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit it anytime you want.
Does the course require any prior knowledge?
No prior knowledge is required!
The course is designed for learners of all levels, including those with no prior familiarity with shlokas or Indian gods. The content is presented in a beginner-friendly manner, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their background or experience.
Is there a way to preview the course content before purchasing?
Yes. You can preview some of the lessons for free! This should give you a prettu good feel for what the course will be like.
Go the course to check out any of the previewable lessons.
Do I have to go through the course in a specific order?
No, it's not mandatory to follow a specific sequence.
For a well-rounded learning experience, it is recommended to match the task sheets with the respective videos.
What is the language of instruction?
The course is taught in simple English. Even if your child isn't very fluent, with a little assistance, they will easily understand and enjoy the content.
Do you provide printouts of the art sheets?
You can conveniently download and print any printables yourself. We recommend taking colour printouts on A4 size paper.
Can I access the course on my phone or tablet?
Yes. You can access the course on any device — desktop, tablet or mobile.
Do you provide a certificate at the end of the course?
No certificates to be collected here! The the joy of learning should be its own reward. 🙂
How do I sign in to access the course?
You can sign in to your course dashboard using your Gmail email address. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can create one for free.
We use Gmail because it is a secure and convenient way to sign in. And you don't have to remember yet another password!
Can I use this course to teach others?
While we appreciate your interest, we do not offer bulk licenses at this time. The course is for personal use only, not to be used in schools, activity centers, or other commercial settings, physical or virtual.
Reproduction, resale, or creation of derivatives of the content is strictly prohibited. The material is protected under copyright law. If you have specific inquiries, please contact us for further clarification.
What if I have questions or need help?
We are always happy to help. You can reach out to us at and we will get back to you promptly.