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Lesson group: Introduction

Find out what's in store for you in this course and how to make the most of it.

A fantastic journey awaits!

Welcome to Shlokas Made Fun! We’re absolutely thrilled that you’ve joined us on this incredible learning adventure. Get ready for an awesome journey filled with Sanskrit shlokas, mudras, captivating mythological stories, fun games, exciting activities, and beautiful art!

In this course, we’ll explore the wisdom and rich culture of India in a really enjoyable way. We’ll learn important life lessons and discover fascinating insights, all while having a great time! 😄

So, let’s embark on this wonderful journey together! Welcome aboard and let the fun begin! 🎉

What’s included

Here’s how the course is structured:

  • The course is divided into 5 modules, each dedicated to a Goddess or God from Indian mythology.
  • Each module has two shlokas with their meanings, enacted with mudras to make them enaging and memorable.
  • Each module also has stories of the deity, along with fun activities and task sheets.
  • Also included with each module is a beautiful art sheet, inspired from Indian folk art. Use it to create your own masterpiece!

Level up your experience

There are some things that aren’t required but still recommended to make your experience even better:

  • Take colored printouts of the task sheets in thick A4 sized paper. These can be later compiled into your very own beautiful Shloka journal to be cherished for years to come.
  • Print out the art sheets too! These introductions to Indian folk art are designed in a way that allows the finished versions to be framed and adorn your walls!
  • For activities, any materials required are listed along with the video. We’ve tried to keep them simple and easily available at home. Keep them handy before you start watching the video, so you can easily follow along.
  • The course is best viewed in a modern browser. We recommend Google Chrome. Whichever browser you use, make sure it’s up to date!


These are the printables that accompany the lessons in this module. Print them out before you begin the module. Once you're done add them to your Shloka journal.

First page of your Shloka Journal

First page of your Shloka Journal

This is your front page! Print it out and fill it in! Many more colorful printables to follow.

Benefits of chanting shlokas

Benefits of chanting shlokas

Did you know about the many benefits of chanting Sanskrit shlokas? Find them out in this sheet!